United Way of Illinois budget impact survey results

cap1On January 26, 2016, United Way of Illinois released the results of its third statewide survey of health and human service agencies regarding the impact of the Illinois budget impasse. The survey provided an overview of the deterioration in program services since the budget impasse began in July. In terms of reduced services:

  • 85% of responding agencies statewide have cut the number of clients they serve;
  • cuts to programs serving the mentally ill and the disabled have seen the deepest cuts; and
  • cuts to programs serving seniors, children and adults seeking education or jobs have more than tripled since the first United Way of Illinois survey done in July 2015.

In addition, the survey revealed the human services sector as a whole, is at a tipping point from which it may not be able to recover. The survey showed:

  • 23% of agencies report they will struggle to operate at existing levels if the budget impasse continues through March;
  • 5 respondents reported they have closed their doors (anonymous) as a result of the budget impasse;
  • $35 million in debt to deliver program services; the average debt taken on per agency is $300,000.

A fact sheet including survey findings is available below at both a statewide level and a regional level.

UWI Budget Survey – Central Illinois Results

UWI Budget Survey – Statewide Results

Survey Three Statewide Press Release