SJ-R Op-ed: William Legge: Rebuilding the Boys & Girls Club with team approach

An Editorial from William Legge on the rebuilding of Boys and Girls Clubs.

It’s unfathomable that nearly a decade has passed since my first involvement with the Boys and Girls Club — as a rookie member of the American Business Club, I was asked to pick up the catering for a Christmas party hosted by the club.

I “adopted” my first member that year. Javon was 14, a Patriots fan, and lived with his grandmother. He needed a winter coat.

I connected with Javon that evening and was humbled by this remarkable young man, a wizard with computers. I often wonder what became of him. Perhaps he’s now beginning a career in IT. Wherever he is, I fervently hope that he didn’t succumb to the negative influences that surround many teens today.

My career has taken me all across the country since then. The communications industry sent me to Kentucky, California, Iowa and back home to Illinois. Most recently, I traveled abroad to pursue my MBA at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

After much introspection upon returning home, I desired to apply my skill-set to a career path that could fulfill my spirit. I was asked to join the board of the Boys & Girls Club, and this quickly set into motion a change in career that has given me focus, drive and passion.

I have served as acting director since February. In June I accepted the position permanently as we rebuild the club to its full potential…