My Smart Money

It’s no secret that money issues cause most Americans stress. In fact, worrying about money keeps 75 percent of people up at night, according to a 2015 Nielsen study. And when “life” happens – which it always does – circumstances like unexpected bills, job loss, health issues or increasing debt creep up along with it. People need to know where to turn and whom they can trust, without feeling overwhelmed by the thousands of different companies and online tools claiming to help.

That’s why the SunTrust Foundation partnered with United Way to launch My Smart Money,™ a free and easy online tool that can help anyone get their financial house in order.

There are no sales pitches or products found there – just information, quizzes and calculators to help you get smarter about your money. And, best of all, you’ll feel confident knowing that it’s free and easy to get smarter about your money.

For years, the SunTrust Foundation and United Way have joined forces to connect people with resources to help them succeed. Through My Smart Money, our vision is to help everyone, regardless of income level or circumstance, gain control of household finances.

No matter your goals, everyone can benefit from information to make better decisions about your money. If you’re saving for that new car, planning your next vacation or trying to cut down credit card debit, my guess is that you can benefit from the advice that My Smart Money can offer.

Click HERE to access the My Smart Money tool.