Marquell’s Story of Hope

Marquell was a 5th grade student at Dubois Elementary School. Like many families in our community, his family struggles to make ends meet. After attending the Compass after-school program at Dubios Elementary School, Marquell was given the opportunity to enroll in Camp Compass last year.

At Camp Compass, Marquell blossomed into a classroom role model and leader. He worked hard and showed growth on all four math tests and both reading tests measuring student progress. In addition, he rose above pre-teen drama and used positive affirmations to build up the other students to help them succeed.

At a time when most students fall victim to summer learning loss, Marquell worked hard to be better prepared for middle school. He showed that every child can succeed when provided the opportunity, tools and resources necessary to do so.

It is because of the investments of caring people like you that we are able to provide a more hopeful future to children like Marquell.  Together, we are leading the fight for the basic needs, education, financial stability and health of every person in our community.  This fall, show your support for local programs by making a gift during this year’s United Way campaign.

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