Local Senior Receives Home Delivered Meals

When a family member has a severe illness, you treasure every minute you can spend with them.

That’s how Mary* felt when her husband developed dementia that got progressively worse.

After living in Florida for several years, Mary and her husband moved back to Athens, Illinois, to be closer to family.  As Mary watched as her husband’s condition deteriorated, she felt a stronger need to be with him all the time. But she wondered how she would manage errands like grocery shopping and still be there for her husband.

Then a family member visited the Athens Daily Bread congregate meal site – a place where seniors can go for inexpensive meals. The family member learned Mary qualified for home-delivered meals. Within two days Mary and her husband were on the meal delivery route.

Being free of the stress of leaving her husband to get groceries and spending time cooking meals made Mary’s life easier. She was able to cherish more moments with her husband before he passed away.

Giving Back to Local Seniors

With the help of our partners at Senior Services of Central Illinois, the Daily Bread Home Delivered Meals program helps over 500 seniors each year. A healthy meal means seniors get the nutrition they need, and having it delivered by a volunteer keeps local seniors connected to our community.

*Names changed to protect the identity of individuals