Local Game Changer Spotlight- Amy Beadle


Amy Beadle

Sales & Marketing Manager at Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau

Amy Beadle has been involved with United Way for over ten years. Besides volunteering for events like Day of Action, Amy has served as the Pacesetters Chair, Community Builders Chair, Day of Action Chair and for eight years served as an Employee Campaign Coordinator for SCHEELS while she was their marketing leader.

Amy has found that there are so many ways to get involved and the biggest thing that attracted her to United Way is the 100% message. She says that knowing that every penny that is donated actually goes to provide education or a basic need to our community, means a lot.

Amy said, “I remember our leadership team at SCHEELS going to visit with Shawna at the Breadline to learn more about where our gifts are utilized. That day opened my eyes so wide to what true needs really look like. Shawna had a profound impact on me by way of her relentlessness to truly care about all people, no matter what! It made me want to do more.”

Amy’s commitment to our community goes beyond her relationship with United Way. She currently serves of the board of the Central Illinois Customer Service Association, and volunteers with programs like St. John’s Breadline, Share the Spirit and Fishing Has No Boundaries. Through volunteer opportunities and seeing how much need exists in our community, Amy hopes others will follow her example and give through either their time or other gifts. As a resident of Springfield, Amy believes it is her duty to care for our community and for those who live here. One never knows when it could be us in a situation requiring services.

“I ask for everyone to be a game changer by supporting the United Way for either the first time, to raise your current gift level, or tell a friend or family member and invite them to give,” said Amy. “If we all do a little, so much great will be accomplished.”

Amy knows what it takes to be a true game changer. We are thankful for all of the time and knowledge she has provided over these last few years, and we are very excited to have her volunteer with us this fall for the 10 year anniversary of Day of Action.