For a Better Tomorrow

When I’m asked about why I believe so deeply in United Way’s work, my answer is simple: I believe that our community’s best days are ahead, but only if we are all UNITED in pursuit of that better tomorrow.

For nearly 100 years, United Way has been uniting our community to tackle our toughest challenges. We’ve overcome an economic depression, recessions, a world war and a pandemic; and we only overcame these events because of you.

United Way is not defined by its work in our community. It is defined by its people. It is defined by the heartfelt desire of its donors, advocates and volunteers to create a better tomorrow for our community.

As an organization and a community, we are coming off one of the most difficult years in our history. No one foresaw a situation where every area of our economy would be so deeply impacted by a single event. Yet, we are here and like you, I still believe our best days are ahead.

So as our economy and our community recover, I hope you will join us in our fight for the basic needs, education, financial stability and health of every person in our community. We are better together. We are better when we are United for a better tomorrow.


Jarid Brown
Director of Resource Development – United Way of Central Illinois