Childhood Success

Too many of our youngest children are missing too much school. How does missing multiple days of school affect these children?

On average, one in ten kindergartners and first graders are chronically absent – which means they miss so much school they get behind and can’t catch up. Chronic absence can lead to problems with literacy, passing subjects and even graduating high school on time. Further down the line, kids may even be unprepared for jobs after school.

These students are the future contributors to our local businesses and communities. When they miss too much school, they fail to build the knowledge and skills they need to actively participate in our economy and society. Without well educated people, our region may struggle to adapt to changes and thrive in the future.

Children miss school for a variety of reasons. But for students who miss 10 percent or more of the school year – keep in mind that’s just 18 days a year – those absences can have a lasting impact. Absenteeism can be curbed if more people know the facts.

That’s why United Way of Central Illinois teams up with local schools and districts as well as families to help every student have the greatest chance of making it to school every day. We want to make all kids strong, so our community can be strong. Click here to learn more about our Education focused programs.