Caroline’s Cart at Schnucks in Springfield

After realizing her daughter would outgrow a typical shopping cart, Drew Ann Long designed
Caroline’s Cart – a shopping cart that would accommodate her special needs. While Caroline’s
Cart was designed to accommodate children with mobility-limiting disabilities, it has many more
uses. Children with behavioral issues or autism can also be served by the cart, as can elderly
citizens with dementia or mobility issues. Having a Caroline’s Cart available at Schnucks for
special needs individuals further enables their participation in mainstream society with their
family through the common activity of grocery shopping.

How is Caroline’s Cart different from traditional shopping carts?

  • Ease of use. Designed to look like a traditional shopping cart, the handles of Caroline’s
    Cart swing up to provide convenient access to the seat.
  • Comfort and safety. It features a contoured seat that is comfortable for low muscle tone
    individuals, as well as a harness to help secure a person up to 250 lbs. The five-point
    latching safety harness will secure the individual so the caregiver has their hands free to
    steer the cart. It’s specialized patented seat helps keep the occupant upright and a
    platform below the seat provides a footrest for the occupant. The seat faces the
    caregiver, so eye contact is easy to maintain allowing the caregiver to engage their loved
    one in the shopping experience.
  • Space. An ample cargo basket provides space for purchased items.
  • Stability. The locking brake in back with front locking castors provide stability when
    loading and unloading occupants.

How do I access Caroline’s Cart at Schnucks?

During your next visit to Schnucks please visit the Courtesy Center and a teammate will be
happy to provide you access to Caroline’s Cart. In addition, Schnucks will continue to offer a
motorized shopping cart for those customers with disabilities that limit their mobility.