Addressing financial stability. One family at a time.

Building a strong financial foundation isn’t always easy, but it is possible with the right support. United Way of Central Illinois is helping residents gain a stronger financial footing by providing individuals and families the education, skills and supports needed to lead financially stable lives.

United Way of Central Illinois’ priorities include equipping adults to support themselves and/or their families in a financially stable environment, seniors are supported to lead independent lives and children are equipped with the skills needed to make financially smart decision throughout their life.

With support from our local nonprofit partners, United Way is helping those in need manage their credit, reduce their debt, build their assets and increase their income—resulting in financial stability.

Jim lost the love of his life, his wife, in early 2021 to COVID-19, and it turned Jim’s world upside down. She was the one who took care of their finances, paperwork and doing everything else it took to run the household.

While Jim deeply appreciated everything his wife did for him, his strong reliance on her over the years left him in a bad situation when she passed away. As the bills and paperwork kept coming in the mail, Jim had no idea what to do with most of it. The stress of this combined with grief of losing his wife put Jim in a low place mentally.

Fortunately, Jim’s sister saw the toll the stress was taking on his mental and even physical health. She reached out to Senior Services of Central Illinois on his behalf and was connected with a caseworker in the Elder Assistance Services program who determined Jim would be a great fit.

Jim’s first meeting was a difficult one. He was tearful recounting the loss of his wife and was overwhelmed dealing with his grief and running a household.  The paperwork and bills that had been piling up since her passing. 

The EAS caseworker worked with Jim to reorganize his finances, deal with insurance issues, and provide him the tools and education needed to better understand and manage his finances.  More importantly, EAS was there for Jim during one of the most challenging times in his life, helping him maintain independence as a senior.

We are enormously grateful to our nonprofit partners, like Senior Services of Central Illinois, and corporate partners for their generosity, partnership and commitment to economic opportunity for every resident in Sangamon and Menard Counties.

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