Act With Purpose to Make a Positive Difference: Terrance Jordan

Terrance Jordan
Black Hawk Elementary School Principal
Vision Council Volunteer
What motivates you to “Act with Purpose?”
I want to have a positive impact on youth and help in their growth and development into adulthood. I understand that if we want our youth to be successful adults, they must have dreams. If we want them to dream, we may need to initiate that dream by providing them with experiences that reach far beyond their present circumstances. Fostering dreams and providing support for our disadvantaged youth and families is what motivates me to act with a purpose.
How do you “Act with Purpose”? 
Over the years, I have acted with purpose by giving my time and resources to others. I have volunteered in coaching athletics and organized activities to raise money to provide financial assistance to students attending college. I volunteer my time at Compass for Kids, United Way, St. John’s Breadline, and South Side Christian Church. More importantly, I understand that many look up to me and I work hard to ensure that I am a positive role model for my community.
How does United Way help you, and others, to “Act with Purpose”?
United Way provides resources, support, and opportunities to act with purpose. United Way eliminates barriers that volunteers may face, such as determining who needs help or what assistance is actually needed. This allows volunteers and organizations to provide critical assistance, services, and resources to those who need it the most.