Act With Purpose to make a Positive Difference: Jessica Bishop

Jessica Bishop


Horace Mann


Employee Campaign Coordinator


What does “Act with Purpose to Make a Positive Difference” mean to you?
From my perspective, the meaning of the phrase is to live life in a manner that radiates passion and consequence to excel or transform situations to maximize the highest level of positive benefit for the masses. When you act with purpose to make a positive difference, it’s less about “me” and more about how to serve “others.”


Why would you encourage others to “Act with Purpose”?
I encourage others to act with purpose simply because it’s better than any other alternative. If you don’t align action with purpose, you’re simply going through the motions, and you’ll never feel a sense of pride or gratification hindering mental and emotional health.


How does United Way help you, and others, to “Act with Purpose”?
Without United Way, our entire community would be less aware and equipped to fight adverse issues facing the citizens of central Illinois. United Way acts with purpose to ensure programs and services combating adverse issues receive the attention and support necessary to bolster the community benefiting everyone.