Act With Purpose to make a Positive Difference: Ginny Conlee

Ginny Conlee
Volunteer Extraordinaire
Board of Directors Member
What does “Act with Purpose to Make a Positive Difference” mean to you?
The phrase “Act with Purpose” means doing the research to determine that some action is needed, the specific action that is needed, whether there is a specific action you can take to help, and what that specific action is. In other words, it means not acting randomly, but acting after thought and consideration.
Why would you encourage others to “Act with Purpose”?
Helping others gives one a quiet feeling of warmth and purpose. It means thinking about others and what they might need, rather than always focusing on one’s own needs or wants.
What are ways you wish people would “Act with Purpose” in order to help fight for the Basic Needs, Education, Financial Stability, and Health of every person in our community?
I wish more people would take an interest in community members who need help and how specific kinds of help are provided by donating to the United Way. By donating to the United Way, an individual can exponentially increase the amount of service or aid that his or her donation alone would provide.