2014-2015 Strategic Plan

In 2014, United Way of Central Illinois began a long-strategic planning process to build the structure to assure United Way is a “results oriented” organization that listens to the community, rallies people, and leads organizations towards a greater common good.  Creating solutions to community needs is a long term process requiring a great deal of collaboration and conversation.  Currently United Way is working together with community partners to determine how United Way resources are best invested to achieve the greatest results.

Our focus is on protecting services vital to the immediate basic needs of the most vulnerable members of our community ; while making long term investments in education, financial stability and health, because these are the building blocks for a good quality of life.

United Way’s strategic planning process is build upon two foundational principles, collaboration and conversation.  We are not experts in knowing all the solutions, but we know we can organize and facilitate conversations which lead to best strategies.  United Way recruits people and organizations from across the community to bring the passion, expertise and commitment  to get things done.  United Way then works to provide research, organize data, and assure the diverse voices of our community are represented.  These groups then assess our community’s needs and establish results-oriented solutions to those needs.

We invite you to join us.  You can give, you can advocate and you can volunteer.  That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED.

Below is Phase I of United Way’s 2015 Strategic Plan.

UWCIL 2015 Strategic Plan Phase I

Impementation Calendar Final


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