United Way of Central Illinois

Underneath everything we are, Underneath everything we do,
We are all people, Connected, Interdependent, United. So join us.
Please accept our invitation to create a better future for all. Live United.

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Founded in 1922, United Way of Central Illinois creates a better life for us by advancing the common good. Our focus is on protecting services vital to the immediate basic needs of the most vulnerable members of our community; while making long term investments in education, financial stability and health, because these are the building blocks for a good quality of life. We bring together people and organizations from all across the community who bring the passion, expertise and resources needed to get things done. We invite you to be a part of the change. You can give, you can advocate and you can volunteer. That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED.

Each year, United Way raises funds through our ongoing annual campaign, special events, and grants. Just as funds are raised locally, United Way funds stay local; supporting services focused on basic needs, education, financial stability and health. UWCIL is the largest private funder of health and human services in Sangamon and Menard Counties.

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Our Vision

Building Sangamon and Menard Counties into a vibrant region where individuals and families thrive, where people work together to protect its most vulnerable citizens, ensure a safe and healthy community, address its most challenging issues and enhance the quality of life for all citizens.

Our Mission

Improving lives by uniting our community to address the basic needs, education, financial stability and health of every person

Core Strategies

United Way strengthens the community by:

  • mobilizing human and financial capital to improve community conditions
  • organizing collaborative solutions and making long-term investments in the areas of Health, Education and Financial Stability,
  • protecting services vital to the immediate needs of the most vulnerable members of the community
  • promoting volunteerism, philanthropy and advocacy
  • maintaining the highest standards of ethics, accountability and transparency

United Way of Central Illinois Diversity Statement

United Way of Central Illinois fosters and promotes an inclusive environment that leverages the unique contributions of diverse individuals and organizations so that we can collectively and effectively create opportunities for a better life for all.

We focus on promoting an inclusive environment, not just in employment, but in every aspect of our business, where everyone respects and values the contributions of all people. The different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives of our community strengthen the quality of our work and the success of our organizations.

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of what it means to LIVE UNITED.

United Way of Central Illinois Statement on June 5, 2020

United Way of Central Illinois is saddened by recent events which have brought the issues of racism and discrimination to the forefront. Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of what it means to LIVE UNITED. It is not enough to simply acknowledge that systemic racism exists in our community and communities across our country, and that the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer was wrong. The best way to build a strong community is to lift up voices that are often not heard, valuing and learning from the diverse experiences and perspectives of those who call Sangamon and Menard counties home.

It is at the core of our United Way that we publicly stand up against racism and call for everyone to join us. George Floyd deserved justice, dignity and a different fate. This is why we work towards equity in schools, jobs and health care, to address the root causes of systemic poverty, and negative social determinants of health which disproportionately impact the African American community and communities of color.

We are joining the call across our country for policy changes and reforms addressing equity and inclusion, as well as the police and criminal justice system. We recognize, promote and encourage the participation in trainings such as Crossroads, hosted by the Springfield Coalition on Dismantling Racism, to address these issues. Our community needs to engage in critical dialogues including peaceful protests, and hold people accountable and work together to create these necessary changes.

We truly are stronger together. We know our place in this work has only begun and we are committed to work with our community partners to ensure our Black community is heard, so that we may create a better future for our community.


100% of your contributions to United Way’s Community Fund go directly to programs providing services in our region.

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Funded Programs

Each year, United Way funds invests millions of dollars to fund programs addressing the most critical needs in our community.

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United Way is an independent agency, with funding, financial and management decisions being made by leaders from our community.

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