2015 Investor & Community Survey Results

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United Way of Central Illinois is pleased to release the results of its 2015 Investor & Community Survey. The survey, conducted by The University of Illinois Springfield’s Survey Research Office, was conducted as part of UWCIL’s strategic planning process to improve United Way’s understanding of the issues affecting area residents.

The survey was conducted online over a four week period in February 2015 resulting in 583 completed surveys. The survey was designed to compliment the Sangamon County Citizens Survey which is currently being conducted.

The goal of the survey was to ensure that United Way is serving Sangamon and Menard Counties in the best way possible. Survey results will be combined with feed back from stakeholder meetings and various community assessments to determine United Way’s future work in our community. Combined data will be utilized by United Way volunteer committees and vision councils as they identify and assess community needs; and develop collaborative solutions to those needs in the coming months.

The complete survey with top-line report can be downloaded here.

Measuring Public Perception

The greatest challenge facing local United Ways is developing effective, consistent messaging which creates broad public understanding of the organization’s mission. Results of the 2015 survey demonstrate a broad range of public perceptions about the organization. 80% of respondents identified positive perceptions across four primary areas. 20% of respondents defined the organization in multiple ways.

29 Percent 26 Percent 15 Percent 10 Percent
View United Way as an organization which unites people and organizations to address community needs View United Way as a broad based charity that supports multiple causes View United Way as investing resources to make this a better community View United Way’s role as raising funds for area nonprofits

United Way’s Role in Our Community

The 2015 survey measured public opinion about what activities United Way should focus on in the future. Results found that broad based support exists for United Way to continue to focus on collaboration, volunteerism and donor choice.

Believe 96% Believe 94% Believe 92% Believe 89%

Broad Support for Focus on Basic Needs

The 2015 survey measured the importance of United Way to focus its work on protecting services vital to the immediate basic needs of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Basic Needs Basic Needs

97% Believe…

It is important for United Way to focus on Basic Needs. Services which provide immediate assistance to those in crisis.

Respondent Rankings
(in order of importance)

  • Prevention & intervention (abuse &
  • Food assistance
  • Housing*

* Housing combines responses within both financial stability and basic needs areas

Broad Support for Investing in the Building Blocks for a Good Quality of Life

The 2015 survey measured the importance of United Way to focus its work on making long term investments in education, financial stability and health, because these are the building blocks for a good quality of life.

Health Health

92% Believe…

It is important for United Way to focus on Health. Connecting our neighbors with the resources they need to live healthier lives.

Respondent Rankings
(in order of importance)

  • Mental health
  • Access to basic health care for low income residents
  • Health & wellness lifestyle programs
  • Alcohol & drug abuse prevention & intervention


Financial Stability Financial Stability

91% Believe…

It is important for United Way to focus on Financial Stability. Services helping individuals achieve financial stability to be able to continuously meet their personal needs.

Respondent Rankings
(in order of importance)

  • Job skills training & mentoring
  • Services to improve budgeting & money management skills
  • Safe & affordable housing
  • Financial help during a personal crisis


Education Education

89% Believe…

It is important for United Way to focus on Education. Services helping people succeed in school and life.

Respondent Rankings
(in order of importance)

  • After-school activities with measurable outcomes
  • Parent support and education programs
  • Early childhood education programs
  • Mentoring that improves grades and social-emotional skills

Continuous Improvement

The 2015 survey measured the areas of United Way which were viewed favorably and unfavorably by respondents. Survey results support United Way’s efforts to continuously improve quality of service, external messaging, and investor and community relations.

Favorable   Unfavorable
58% 55% 35%   49% 9% 8%
Have a favorable view with regards to Giving.
(allows investor choice, 100% of gifts benefit the community fund)
Have a favorable view with regards to Community Connections.
(community leader, connects people, generates collaboration)
Have a favorable view with regards to General Operations.
(efficient, courteous, helpful, etc…)
  Do not view any aspect of United Way unfavorably. Have an unfavorable view with regards to solutions.
(is a pass-through, staff/board involvement in allocations, etc…)
Have an unfavorable view with regards to giving.
(coercion, high overhead, restricts investment choice)

Click to view the full survey including the top-line report.

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